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Kinexus   Specializing in Heritage, Culture & the Arts

Three-pronged Approach

At Kinexus, we believe there is power in combining planning, evaluation and communications to provide clients with a full menu of support.

Our work history and past successes demonstrate best our effectiveness in achieving results. Our cultural client list is broad and includes Parks Canada, the Royal British Columbia Museum, the National Capital Commission (125th Evaluation, Mackenzie King Estate, Wakefield Mill, Rideau Hall and Parliament Hill), the Roedde House Museum, Heritage Vancouver, Laurier House, the City of Richmond, the Provincial Capital Commission (BC), Training and Development Canada and Language Training Canada.

Examples of some of our past projects:

City of Richmond, BC, Museum & Heritage Study & Feasibility Study for new Museum –Kinexus In partnership with Donald Luxton and Associates, carried out a strategic review of the City’s Museum services. We worked with staff from all Richmond museums to create overall themes for the Museums and determine how each museum fit into the theme. We also worked with Tourism Richmond, the YVR and key businesses to determine how the museums could be promoted and the need for a destination museum in Richmond to be the centre piece for all Richmond Museums. Following the approval of the plan, the City of Richmond awarded the consulting team the contract to carry out a Feasibility Study for a New Museum.

Heritage Vancouver Society, Executive Director Services – Kinexus provided Executive Director services to the Heritage Vancouver Society for over a period of 10 years. Our focus was to rebrand the society from “Demolition is Forever” to “Creating a Future for Our Heritage”. With community involvement we created events where heritage buildings became the stage for “history to come alive”. We were responsible for special events, tours, fundraising, communications, advocacy and providing leadership to the board in setting strategic directions.

The Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC, Summative Evaluation of “Whales” exhibitKinexus conducted in depth interviews to determine overall visitor satisfaction and satisfaction with specific exhibit areas, the extent to which visitors received the intended message, how the exhibit changed attitudes, created a desire to learn more or take specific actions, effectiveness of various media used to convey the message and the ease of movement and ability to read the exhibit text.  We used observational research to determine the effectiveness of “way finding”, and the areas that were most attractive to various audiences (children, teens, adults, seniors). We interviewed a variety of staff members to explore the level of seamlessness in the work carried out by curatorial and design staff, and the effectiveness of the overall management of the exhibit process. We conducted interviews with donors and sponsors to determine the level of satisfaction with their participation in the exhibit and with the recognition they received.

Canadian Consulate, Buffalo NY – Strategic Communications Consulting for the “Boundary Waters Treaty Centennial Celebration Project” –  Sue provided  strategic communications support to project organizing the 100th Anniversary of the Signing of the Boundary Waters Treaty between Canada and the U.S. Work included being an active member of the year-long Boundary Waters Treaty Communications Steering committee and developing and implementing a strategy to reach out to bi-national community and key stakeholders for financial support to fund the event and inclusion of stakeholders in the year-long web-based calendar of events celebrating “water”.  Researched, developed and wrote key components of the official Boundary Waters Anniversary Guide. Collaborated on a government and media relations strategy and drafted the presentation for the Association’s November General Meeting.

Advancing Arts & Culture, Buffalo Niagara “Community-wide cultural tourism strategic plan”Sue provided on-going public relations, research and marketing assistance to the Executive Director. Conducted stakeholder consultations to identify and assess issues that needed to be addressed.  Researched and wrote a report identifying “best practices” in other cultural tourism initiatives in similar sized markets. Assisted in the implementation of elements from a community-wide strategic plan for the region’s cultural tourism initiative.

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