Kinexus Specializing in Heritage, Businesses & Communities

Bringing your vision into reality

Founded in 1992, Kinexus Consulting Inc. tells stories about our  heritage, businesses and communities.  Our goal is to increase appreciation and pride in our communities by raising the profile of our museums, historic sites and businesses through their past and present  stories and their dreams for the future.  We tell the stories of wide range of people to give voice to diverse community groups. Kinexus provides a wide range of consulting services to museums, historic sites, Business Improvement Associations, all levels of government and community organizations.  We produce creative plans, interpretive plans, evaluation reports, stories of neighbourhoods, businesses and historic sites and materials for social media. We are known for our creative, innovative services in all aspects of planning, evaluation,  historical interpretation and story telling.

It all starts with Planning

We believe organizations with a vision and a road map are destined for success; achievable plans are the cornerstone of Kinexus Consulting.  We work together with you and your stakeholders to bring your vision into reality with clear objectives, action plans and evaluation tools. We know that the success of your projects begins at the planning stage; we work with you to create a solid plan that can be adapted throughout the process right to the implementation and finally the evaluation stage.   Our interpretation plans allow you to vividly tell the stories of your communities.  We specialize in strategic communications, marketing, fundraising and interpretive plans.

Evaluation is key

We believe that evidence based decision-making is the cornerstone of successful organizations. Our boutique evaluations are specially designed to give you the solid results that make this possible. We believe a focus on qualitative data is the most effective way to provide analysis and recommendations that are most useful to you. Through our intimate, hands on approach the consultant doing the data analysis and recommendations is the same person conducting the in-depth interviews and leading the focus groups. We offer a complete range of evaluative services including the creation of evaluation frameworks, and both formative and summative evaluations. Our evaluations zero in on all aspects of cultural organizations. This includes assessing communications to ensure your marketing materials, exhibits, special programs and projects consistently convey the messages you want your audience to receive.

Making a difference – Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications, planning and evaluation go hand in hand. At Kinexus we are positioned to provide your organization with the proven expertise to help you achieve your goals. The power of evidence-based decision-making is undeniable. Our history of success includes providing the following support:

  • Strategic communications planning &  marketing strategies
  • Communications process improvement
  • Employee and customer/client  communications
  • Public affairs & media relations crisis management
  • Research and development of background documents, manuals, surveys, videos
  • Stakeholder consultations, orientation sessions and seminars
  • Research & development of key communications materials and website content
  • Issues analysis of material and situations

Success for our Clients

Our work history and past successes demonstrate best our effectiveness in achieving results. Our cultural client list is broad and includes Parks Canada, the Royal British Columbia Museum, the National Capital Commission (125th Evaluation, Mackenzie King Estate, Wakefield Mill, Rideau Hall and Parliament Hill), the Roedde House Museum, Heritage Vancouver, Laurier House, the City of Richmond, the Provincial Capital Commission (BC), Training and Development Canada and Language Training Canada.

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